Manifestodesign uses the full-grain leather, treated with the most natural method, real craft leather produced in Tuscany and certified. Such working enhances the characteristics of this leather which shows folds and color shades.



Full grain leather, made in Tuscany and treated with vegetable tannins. Colors from left to right: chocolate, cognac and black. Is available also the black and white cowhide.


For the Contract we recommend to use a frosted leather, better protective and easy to clean. The colors from left to right: Marc 49, mud, black and white.


Nourish the natural leather like your skin: use a cleansing lotion to clean, a nourishing lotion to revive its color. If, instead, it is grinded or protected leather, rub it with a damp cloth.

  • 01 Home Leather
  • 02 Contract Leather